1. Planning (pl)
  2. Analysis (an)
  3. Postmortem (pm)

Planning (pl)

  1. Create a working directory
  2. Gather all process logs (*.ppl) in that directory
  3. Analyse with evalpplog (evalpplog.pl >Summary_ppl.html -f html logs/*.ppl)
  4. Instantiate analysis plan summary
  5. Estimate analysis time and note it in the plan summary

Analysis (an)

  1. Analyze the time-estimation accuracy
  2. Analyze defects you injected in design and coding
  3. Determine the trends for defects per KLOC found in all phases and in total over time.
  4. Analyze defect-removal rates for reviews, compile and test; show defect-removal leverage
  5. Analyze yield vs. LOC/h reviewed (code, design).
  6. Update Design Review Check List
  7. Update Code Review Check List

Postmortem (pm)

  1. Export diagramms and tables
  2. Create report file
  3. Import diagramms and tables